Growing up.

Let me state this: if you argue against Scottish Independence on the basis of GERS, I will immediately abandon any conversation and dismiss you as an unrepentant idiot.

Do tell me, financial genius: when you leave your parent’s house, do you continue paying for the mortgage of their leafy suburb house, or use your money to rent a hipster pad above the cafe?

Do you have to subsidise their extravagant holidays in the middle east, or use your paycheck for a weekend in Skegness?

Are you paying for your heating on all day, so mum can sit and watch daytime TV, or is your heating managed by an app on your smartphone that turns it on when you’re in?

Do you continue spending your money the way you were required to while living under your mum and dad’s roof, or do you decide if and how to spend it?

The answer is obvious, you fucknugget. baby-crying-450You are independent, and choose how to spend the money you have.

So do the humanity a favour, and don’t use GERS to argue Scotland cannot afford to be independent.

You lower the planet’s IQ a few notches. Grow up.


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