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Ransomware is the effect. Ignorance is the cause.

Let’s be clear: to keep ANY computer running on Windows XP thus far has costed more in extended support fees than replacing it with a new Win7 system. Upgrade to Windows 10 from 7, 8 and 8.1 was entirely free.

It’s therefore demonstrably not a matter of cost: it’s vile ignorance or deliberate destruction that brought this Armageddon.

Anyone holding back against technology updates is a danger to our security and must be neutralized.

Any network not isolating or quarantining systems that are below a minimum security profile is seriously mismanaged and the IT personnel responsible must be fired and blacklisted so they can’t exercise in the sector ever again.

Our civilisation relies on computers for every aspect of our day: don’t let ignorant bastards put our lives at risk.

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