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Drowning in an OCEAN of polls

big_data_oceanI wonder if you, like me, are bewildered by the stubborn refusal of the official polls to budge in favour of a Yes to Scottish Independence.

So many online polls, many of which on the websites of screeching BritNat outlets, end with results that push at 70% Yes that the dissonance with that stubborn 45+% is now a horrifying cacophony.

Most of the BritNat media are trying to hide the tsunami of bad news hitting the UK and divert attention with squirrels and large fonts, but from the rabid Daily Fail and Daily Retard, through the Hootsmon and Torygraph, up to Auntie Beeb and other parochial broadcasters, the reader/viewership has collapsed dramatically, and even those that accidentally watch or read, can see through the lies, fake news and omissions. The mainstream media influence in Scotland is gone, vanished.

The bare naked truth is shining through the tired veil of deception: the UK is finished. Done. Akin to the famous Polly the Parrot of Monty Python’s memory, is bereft of life.

We all know that. So why isn’t this apparent from the official opinion polls?
Let’s take a step back.

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