So, kids, what have we learned today?

Settle down, class.

Today we have learned that a handful of MSPs, from a single issue party, can make the difference between our people being protected from offensive, sectarian, violent behaviour by hooligans, or our democratic institutions succumbing to the whims of desperate has-beens in search of petty, vindictive point scoring pandering to a raucous, shouty minority.

This can happen because of a specifically engineered weakness: a misrepresentation of people’s vote and express will. This pitfall has been planted by the BritNat Establishment when they choose the Additional Member System method for Holyrood elections, so to artificially skew the balance of power in favour of the unionist parties, readmitting by the backdoor those candidates that Scots rejected at the ballot.

Any other widely accepted voting method would have given the SNP a far larger contingent, congruent with its level of support, since the inception of the Scottish Parliament in 1999: this would have given the SNP much bigger visibility and started the current trend much sooner, with obvious consequences.

Just so you understand the bewildering chasm between Scotland and the UK, let’s do some number crunching.

In the Westminster parliament, selected with the First Past The Post system in 2015, the current government has a precarious, paltry majority of 15, or 2.3% of the 650 MPs.

Using the same voting system during the same election, Scotland returned 56 SNP MPs from a pool of 59. That’s equivalent to a massive majority of 53 (56 – 3), or 89.83% of MPs.

At Holyrood, amongst the 73 Constituency MSPs elected in 2016 with the First Past The Post system, 59 are from the SNP and 14 from other parties. Again, that’s a majority of 45 MSPs (59 – 14) or 61.64%.

I know this is boring maths, and your heads are spinning, but I am sure you don’t need graphs to understand that Scots have been duped.

Compare these percentages: the substantial difference between other parties’majorities and the SNP numbers is a show of incommensurable, overwhelming, crushing strength in its support. And today you have witnessed how difficult is for the chosen party of government in Scotland to represent the clear will of the people.

On the other platter of the scale, put the weight of the insane, bewildering decisions taken by a government in Westminster that is nominally surviving on a knife edge – if it wasn’t for the continued support of the Blairites Red Tories – perched on the abyss of a neverending election fraud investigation, stalled by their acolytes at the Electoral Commission, that could see their majority disappear completely, and then some more.

The decisions taken by the current Westminster Government would have been illegally passed by Parliament if the MPs currently under investigation were sanctioned and their election annulled.

To make these demented decisions even more unpalatable, they are based on a referendum won on a risibly narrow majority of the voters, a dismissible minority of UK Citizens and a laughable, pitiful minority of UK residents.

This cunningly engineered freak show of power imbalance has been affecting public perception of the support strength for the SNP in Scotland ever since the Scottish Parliament has been begrudgingly reconvened, and has been instrumental in undermining our confidence and delaying the inevitable: Scottish Independence.

Remember that Holyrood has been made possible also thanks to immense pressure from EU institutions, and Brexit will leave the BritNat Establishment – and its most lunatic far right fringes – free rein to pull back powers and crush the rebellious Scots once again.

It’s time we grasp the thistle: chop the Additional Members System for a simple proportional representation. Don’t burden me with the nitty-gritty of the details: there are a plethora of constitutional experts that can work out the fine minutiae around it, but it’s time we put an end to this scam.

We have been missold a fake democracy. Let’s claim it back.

Class dismissed.


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