Scottish Independence is the key to reunite all people

I hear your loaded question: how “separation” can reunite? Setting aside the verbiage specifically chosen to disparage Independence (when independence is the normal state of things instead, and dependence is abnormal) the logic is to recognise differences to live in better harmony.

Scottish Independence takes multiple weapons out of the hands of hostile foreign nations with a vested interest to hamper our progress keeping strife between people in Europe:

  • Scottish Independence will settle the constitutional problem between England and Scotland once and for all, removing a bone of contention thus pacifying all parties.
  • Scottish Independence will stop Brexit on its tracks, keeping the majority of English, Cymry, Irish and Scots where they want to be: in EU, all together, with a seamless border between Scotland, England, Cymru, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Catalonia, Euskadi, Galicia, Gibraltar, Portugal, Italy… because the collapse of Brexit will finally break down the last barriers for England, Scotland, Cymru and Ireland to be fully part of an open Europe.

Scottish Independence will keep the natural and social resources of all the nations in a safer, stronger EU.

Scottish Independence will severely weaken the hand of the British Nationalist Establishment, an elite of out of touch, incompetent, feckless, sociopathic parvenues, paving the way for a new class of politicians where we may find a statesman / stateswoman or two.

Scottish Independence will give Scotland the wings it needs to fly, and become the leader Cameron – in all his wisdom(!) – suggested, showing the route to a better, more caring society.

Scottish Independence will boost the economy of the whole EU, taking enormously valuable strategic assets out of the grubby hands of tax dodging non-dom sociopaths, for their profits to be used for the benefit of everyone.

Scottish Independence will finally see off the sickening boil of first strike nuclear weapons from our land, a pointless waste of our riches that does nothing to protect us from modern threats like cyber warfare or even pedestrian knife-wielding terrorism but makes us a target.

Scottish Independence will also see a drastic cull of the warlords, warmongers and war-thirsty profiteers that arm and guide the hands of oppressive regimes around the globe.

Scottish Independence will see the end of the UK, a relic of a bygone era, unfit for purpose in the third millennium: like ballast and ropes, is tying all of us to the ground when we could fly and soar.

Oh, almost forgot: Scottish Independence will also finally see off the “British” lie, an artificial construct engineered to enslave diverse people under the whip of a self serving elite.

“Britain” is not an officially recognised nation, country or state.
“British” is not an ethnic group or a race.

Whoever defines him/her/itself as “British” is signing off his/her/its dignity and freedom to a cabal of inbred sociopaths.

And please don’t argue that your passport says you are “British”, it’s self defeating and almighty stupid.

In the EU that we know, there are no longer armed border guards and checkpoints.
There is no need for a document conceded to you by a self serving elite that oppresses your life, to generously allow you to travel from country to country.
Whoever gave them the power to restrict where you can go? How did you come to see as a gift or a privilege the restitution of your given right to travel and live wherever you like?

Because that’s what a passport is: the blatant proof of your own enslavement.
Don’t use it to prove what or who you are. It’s demeaning.


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