So, kids, what have we learned today?

Settle down, class.

Today we have learned that a handful of MSPs, from a single issue party, can make the difference between our people being protected from offensive, sectarian, violent behaviour by hooligans, or our democratic institutions succumbing to the whims of desperate has-beens in search of petty, vindictive point scoring pandering to a raucous, shouty minority.

This can happen because of a specifically engineered weakness: a misrepresentation of people’s vote and express will. This pitfall has been planted by the BritNat Establishment when they choose the Additional Member System method for Holyrood elections, so to artificially skew the balance of power in favour of the unionist parties, readmitting by the backdoor those candidates that Scots rejected at the ballot.

Any other widely accepted voting method would have given the SNP a far larger contingent, congruent with its level of support, since the inception of the Scottish Parliament in 1999: this would have given the SNP much bigger visibility and started the current trend much sooner, with obvious consequences.

Just so you understand the bewildering chasm between Scotland and the UK, let’s do some number crunching.

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