With so many sociopathic demented maniacs in power, the entire planet is at risk now.

While I wholeheartedly support Scottish Independence and will give all my mind, heart and soul for it to happen, it is increasingly feeling like an escape pod from a quickly disintegrating, exploding spaceship.

Will we make it out of the blast in time? How bad will the shockwave be? Do we need to prepare countermeasures?

And what will happen to those still trapped in the burning space vessel? How long have they got? Surely some of them are worth saving. Should we wait for them?

What do they need? Help? Signposting? Directions? A pair of new eyes? A fucking spine?

We can’t wait forever, and we can’t take everyone on board. They’ll have to battle the fire with all their forces and save some of the quarters, or find a way out quickly.

The only alternative is to accept their fate.

And burn.

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