Lifting the veil

As Brexshit and its soul crushing consequences float upwards like turds in a stagnant cesspit, the drive for Scottish independence takes speed and strength.

Assertive, confident and outwardly, the Scottish new media is challenging the behemoths in the same guise the SNP confronted and dethroned a complacent Labour.

The writing is on the wall for all the cringeworthy presstitutes fawning before the BritNazi Establishment: the game is up. Their collusion with the rich tax evaders, landowner toffs, jumped up nonces and assorted misery couldn’t have been clearer after the Green Ink Gang exposé.

There is also a generational shift pressing against the dam: over 70% of young Scots support Independence. It’s coming, whether you’re ready or not.

This obviously causes a high degree of distress amongst those that depend on Scotland’s resources and assets for their own basic survival, so much so the agitation is causing a froth in the stagnant cesspit.

An incessant campaign specifically aimed on suppressing and annexing anything Scottish into a bland “Britishness” is one of the many prongs the BritNazi Establishment is pressing ahead with, but the response of the #KeepScotlandTheBrand campaign has shot this attempt below the waterline and that ship is sinking.

One more subtle attack is a constant drip feed of “too wee, too poor, too shite” news vomited in our face by BritNazi Establishment lackeys through the airwaves schedule and dead tree media.

I have been reconsidering how my family consumes entertainment and information, and lifting the veil on stale habits has opened my landscape immediately. We consume media almost exclusively from online sources like YouTube and other social media platforms and on demand services like Amazon Prime or Netflix. The little we consume from the scheduled broadcast programming of other broadcasters we rarely have the time to watch as they are broadcast live, and most of it is often available online from on-demand subscription based platforms, so we don’t need to pay the BBC Tax TV license.

Of course your objection would be that to watch on demand programs that were broadcast live you need a TV license, so you may as well watch them live or record them with a TiVo or similar devices and pay your BBC Tax TV License. I’m happy to say that you only need a license to watch on demand programs from the BBC iPlayer. Every other platform (Netflix, Amazon Video, etc) is legally accessible without a TV license.

It’s obvious that the wording of all legislation around TV licensing has been kept purposely obscure, arcane and archaic to be abused to the widest possible terms. Justifying a demand for a license by anyone that has any device that potentially could receive a BBC broadcast because of legislation enacted a century ago, when encryption and subscription technologies were not available, satellite broadcasting wasn’t even imagined by fiction writers, and the only broadcaster was the BBC, is an intentional criminal appropriation.

There is no moral or technical justification for demands of a TV license: if the BBC is a public service, it must be funded by the Government through general taxation, like every other public service. If it’s a paid service from a corporation, only those that voluntarily subscribe are bound to pay for it – like every other broadcasting company or corporation does. It can’t be anything else than these two: any other arrangement is wilful criminal abuse.

In my household we don’t watch anything the BBC broadcasts because we refuse to be subjected to the incessant barrage of “Great British | British <insert anything here>” propaganda. My kids only consume online content from YouTube and other video platforms that monetise their content through advertising, or via the on demand online subscription services I am happy to pay for because of the obvious value they offer.
Me and my wife both work through the week and have hobbies and passions that keep us engaged: we don’t need to fill an existential void with mind boggling stupidity à là GoggleBox or poverty porn.

I’m also technically geek enough to be able to point my redundant Sky dish to the 13°E direction and watch the multitude of Free To Air (FTA) channels broadcast from all over the planet. Bigger horizons beckon. But you don’t need to be a satellite buff to watch foreign TV channels: most of them are immediately available online.

Just search for FTA online channels: you will be surprised how many European and international broadcasters are happy for you to watch their channels without asking for a dime. Bypassing the restrictions of the UK Pay TV platforms (Sky, Virgin, etc) that decide which channels you can access, will open your mind to an incredible range of views, opinions, information, news and entertainment from all over the planet.

One great example of a public broadcaster funded through general taxation is EuroNews. Free for everyone to watch, paid by everyone in Europe, broadcast FTA online and via satellite in all European languages. Open your horizons and bypass the BritNazi Establishment Goebbels propaganda and fake news about unelected politicians. How it enrages me when demented old fuckers regurgitate that oxymoron without a second thought. A Politician cannot, by definition, be unelected. Yes, there’s special cases like serial loser Murdo that make a living sponging off the Scottish taxpayers thanks to a rigged electoral system, but law says he’s elected.

Are you a Proud Scot But and do you want to watch an unashamedly patriotic but balanced and fair channel? Japan’s NHK is a shining example of a public broadcaster unafraid of showcasing the beauty and history of their country, contemporary but deeply rooted in millennium old traditions, but also a news channel never shying from the truth when is right to do so. Miles apart from a BBC that completely blanks out a march with over 60,000 people walking through London streets in defense of the English NHS, and has repeatedly lied to millions through dogged omissions and failing to report the truth.

You have no excuses, the list of FTA channels, broadcasting in English, available to the UK completely free and immediately accessible online is huge. There is no need to break the law to entertain yourselves. And if you want to add a splash of luxury, on demand subscription services with premium content are readily available with a few mouse clicks or a smartphone screen tap, at the cost of a bacon sarnie per week.

Finally, if you care about the place you live and want to know the truth about it, outside of the British Nationalist bubble, full of poisonous malignant anti-Scottish bias, do your mind, heart and soul a favour: head over to Truly Scottish TV. A few minutes a day are enough to restore your sanity. If you have some more time, just sit and relax while your country, the real one, opens up to you in all its beauty, art, love, affection, care and compassion. Bookmark it. Go back every day and discover the history, the real one, of the country you chose to be part of.

Leave the antiquated, obsolete broadcast guff you’re force fed by propaganda apparatchik where it belongs: in the dustbin of history.

You owe it to yourself.


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