Final chapter

If anyone would be asked to write an ending to the comedic farce that we all Scots have been so far unwillingly playing as extras, the plot would only unravel in one direction.

The UK Government, unable to reconcile its schizophrenia, can’t tell their EU counterparts what it wants: time runs out and the UK falls by the wayside, floating isolated in a limbo – neither in or out – because nobody considered that, for that pesky Article 50 process to conclude, a deal must be reached. That’s implicit in the same article that defines the procedure the UK Government has triggered but also explicitly demanded by rationality.

The UK cannot leave the EU without a deal defining what’s what, regardless of how loud some sociopathic psychopaths scream Hard Brexit!

The process must conclude with a reciprocal agreement that will or will not entirely satisfy one, the other or – much likely – both sides, but without that deal the UK will still be bound to the EU by all manners of unresolved ties.

Not to forget that a UK that doesn’t want to comply with rules it voluntarily ascribed just a handful of decades ago will never find another nation willing to reach a similar deal that could give the UK any leeway. Under such auspices, any treaty the UK will enter with anyone will have the shape of a noose. And a very tight one at that.

A strangled UK will quickly wither and suffocate and, as always happens, when the body (by then a corpse) can no longer feed the parasitic life forms that overwhelmed it, the tumours that have blighted its society (aye, I’m talking about you, BritNazi Establishment) will die as well, in a spectacularly inept act of self-annihilation.

The consequent weakness will very likely make the UK a vassal state of the USA, exploited like a source of cheap labour close to a big, rich EU market of over half a billion people, where goods with American branding, loose quality control and heavy resource exploitation can be manufactured by a workforce under the duress of a never-ending ideological Austerity.

An undignified end for the anachronistic fallacy that the UK has become. A midgie in the context of the new world and multinational conglomerates (social, political and economical) but a brontosaurus struggling to be nimble, near to its people, and quick to act and react, the UK will succumb to its own pointless existence. Such prospect will be too much to fathom for Scotland, and fan the flames of the Independence shift.

With Unionism already on a slow decay by means of natural wastage replaced by new generations of Yessers every day that passes, this unstoppable natural progression will inevitably tip the balance in a decade. However, precipitating events will make many see that there is no longer sense in holding onto a lead balloon and our operational time-frame might be cut dramatically short. An Independent Scotland will happen, soon.

I have no doubt that the death of a decrepit, obsolete, oligarchic establishment should be saluted with loud fanfare, but we can only celebrate this as a success only if its decomposition can nurture the seeds of a renewed forest of fruit-bearing trees.

Undoubtedly, the final chapter of the UK saga cannot be the fading trail of an empty vessel bobbing adrift towards irrelevance, as it would undermine the very foundation of its successor states.

That’s why I’m advocating for a new, radical approach to tackle the impending failure some simpletons missing multiple parts of their soul are ineptly bumbling towards, believing in a la-la-land of frictionless international trade between the UK and a Big World Out There supposedly ready to be chum with a UK that just betrayed its largest, most profitable long term partner.

Scotland has been at the forefront of social evolution throughout European history and has many times provided for those less fortunate. With the implosion of the UK, crushed under the weight of its demented, minus habens Government failures, its constituent states need to find their own way in a world that rewards resourceful people and demand strong, cohesive societies.

An England that currently relies on a dangerously self-referential system of financial services, exploiting an independent fiat currency, will collapse when the English Pound will no longer be underpinned by Scottish-only assets like oil & gas, whisky, salmon, water, electricity production and natural touristic attractions. All these resources cannot be physically relocated, and would no longer be considered guarantees for the English Pound solvency.

Such weakness will invariably be exploited by larger players in the game, depressing the English Pound value further, causing spiralling inflation and a sharp rise of the negative UK balance of trade, especially problematic for England, Wales and Northern Ireland that, opposed to Scotland, start from an already strongly negative position.

The challenge that we must accept – and prepare for – is to defuse a situation where we will have a socially destabilised, deeply impoverished and economically weak neighbouring country, with a population ten times our size, dominated by a BritNazi Establishment that will inevitably abuse its Orwellian control of mass media and a perpetual Tory Government (Blue or Red, same difference) to rile a destitute population against a relatively prosperous Independent Scotland.

We would be accused of all the ills the sociopathic psychopaths, incompetent nincompoops have caused on themselves and all of England, Wales and Northern Ireland: countering such falsehoods propagated by an enthralled and enslaved media would have the same result today we obtain referring to what the then Chancellor of the Exchequer Alastair Darling said in the House of Commons in 2008:

We continue to witness an unedifying show of heads in the sand, thousands of ears furiously plugged with a screaming choir of “lalalalalala can’t hear you” or fake news accusations thrown back to us, left, right and centre, every time this is mentioned.

This stubborn refusal to acknowledge that, before the discovery of Oil in the North Sea, the UK was in the grips of a terrible recession, strong inflation, 3-days working week, rolling power blackouts and uncollected rubbish piling in the streets is sociopathic psychopathy of the highest order. Oh, how memories can be wiped with the stroke of a flag.

A similar, stubborn reaction of denial comes when this excerpt from a recent interview is mentioned.

This is not the objectionable opinion of a perfect nobody like myself, but the statements of intent by a very, very powerful person. The subtext here is “Go on, shoot yourselves in the foot: more money for me when I’ll be exploiting your weaknesses”.

This is the legacy of decades of rampant Thatcherism: wilful destruction of all the manufacturing facilities throughout the UK, wholesale asset stripping for short term capital, leveraging the rampant reckless attitude of spivs and speculators and spitefully abusing Scottish Oil revenues to punch above our weight with surreptitious wars to conquer more Oil rich countries, all in a disgraceful show of short termism, raw stupidity, unresolved colonialism and inbred egoism.

Norway, a country facing the same stretch of North Sea as us, did not embark in a lurid world domination tour but set up an Oil Fund that today see the country with no debt nor running a deficit (the only one on the planet) and has tens of thousands of Pounds available to spend each year, for each one of its citizens, to supply services and build infrastructure.

Willing or not, England will have to make do with what is left on Scotland’s departure, but we will need to be graceful in victory and agree to a medium term package of measures to cushion England’s free-fall: a new Marshall plan, if you will.

The immediate action I humbly suggest is to concede 90% of ownership and revenues from the existing oil and gas fields to England, with any new production sites becoming Scottish only, on condition that England disenfranchises itself from the nasty BritNazi Establishment.

Before you rise in arms with cries of “It’s OUR Oil!” please remember that while the oil fields are in international waters of Scottish competence, the businesses with a licence to extract are international conglomerates and such licenses were issued by the UK Government, thus they would subject to delicate, complicated and time consuming negotiations after Scottish Independence. We can’t simply grab and claim, we’re not BritNazis.

We could save time and effort just letting things continue as they stand and exploit new oil and gas fields, already explored but untapped, that we can bring live under our control; for example, in the West of Scotland there are trillions of barrels under the sea, but the incumbency of the rotting Trident nuclear submarines impedes the presence of rigs. However this area would be primed and ready right after the UK takes the rusty vessels away.

Remember also that, despite the BritNazi Establishment squandering decades of profits in endless oil wars and returning us only a portion of the tax revenues generated by Scots every year, Scotland is faring better in many fundamental KPIs than any other UK nation. This is because our Government, despite its hands tied behind the back by:

  • A rigged Parliament;

  • Being willingly sidestepped,

  • and purposely blindfolded;

  • and with very limited powers to diverge from the BritNazi Establishment diktat budget imposed from Westminster through the perverse mechanism of the Barnett Formula and its consequentials;

is achieving excellent results simply not squandering, squirrelling and stealing but exercising good governance.

The good news are for you to see everywhere: you experience them every day of your life in Scotland, but don’t expect the BritNazi controlled media to tell you things are going well, because “Service as advertised is not news”, as the Editor of BBC Reporting Scotland Andrew Browne says here, except for the Presstitutes always making it a national scandal, a disgrace and a crisis when that doesn’t happen.

Or trying to silence you when you compare how services delivered in Scotland fare against those in other nations of the UK, because it’s not fair to gloat.

I won’t spoon-feed you information that you may brand as one sided or biased: go check official statistics from impartial third parties about:

  • The education attainment gap;
  • NHS waiting times;
  • ScotRail trains punctuality;
  • Adults with higher education qualifications;
  • International trade balance;
  • Recorded crime and police numbers;
  • Superfast broadband expansion progress;
  • Carbon emission reduction;
  • NHS staff increases;
  • Small businesses exemption from business rates;
  • Affordable homes built;
  • Many infrastructure projects delivered on time or before, on budget or below;
  • LGBT+ equality

and so on.

With the very limited powers allowed to the Scottish Government, many Key Performance Indicators favour Scotland against other UK nations. This is not by accident. It cannot be. We are “doing it deliberately” (© Lord Foulkes).

Scotland has also committed to remove fossil fuels based transport from our roads by 2032: that is only 14 years away, and 8 years ahead of the UK target. This is a worldwide trend that may affect the demand for petrol and diesel, and may appear to be counterproductive for an Oil producing country.

However, crude oil is used in the production of many, many other prime materials and finished goods rather than fuels: the planet will need oil extraction to continue functioning. As manufacturing of those materials and goods is not a major – or even mediocre – cause of climate change, oil extraction won’t need to stop soon and our reserves will also last longer, making our Oil a long term asset.

There’s enough revenues left in known, explored and unexploited fields to make Scotland a wealthy country that can look after its people for the foreseeable future even if we gift a large portion of the current Oil stock to England.

A neighbouring country that can afford to buy our electricity, Whisky, gin, lamb, beef and holiday here is a captive market that would be foolish not to subsidise. We’ve been unwillingly doing that for half a century and we can continue to do so. The freedom to choose how we spend our own revenues will make a great deal of difference anyway, as it’s already doing now despite the very limited instruments the Scottish Government can work with.

Scotland! Once more we are bestowed with the responsibility to be a beacon and show the way forward. Our choice is binary: either do nothing and after the inevitable Independence spend some of our riches to protect our southern border from marauders, or sacrifice some of our bounty and help English people buy our wares.

I know which of the two options feels right: I hope you will feel the same way.


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