Let’s see folks, shall we?

For the Scottish Independence Referendum, there were 2.5 times as many postal ballots distributed in Scotland than any other election or referendum since.
These postal ballots were taken out of Scotland into England “to be processed”.
The leader of the Conservatives in Scotland and the Labour campaign manager are on public records saying they knew what the results from the postal ballots were, before referendum day.

In a number of counties, mostly under Unionist parties in local government, there were more people registered to vote than residents, and the electoral registers have been since purged by 10% or thereabouts.

[Edit 24/2/2016] News are now surfacing that a large number of people are disappearing from electoral registers in Scotland, and in disproportionate numbers in areas where SNP has now large majorities.
This corroborates my theory that electoral registers were stuffed with fake identities to obtain postal ballots to tamper with the vote.

For the very first – and last – time, exit polls were expressly prohibited.

Local canvassing returned an average of 60% Yes, consistent with the SNP historic and current voting trend, while opinion polls, run by companies owned or directed by Unionist parties MPs and their cronies, converged to the end result with a frightening accuracy that was never achieved before and has not been replicated since.

We were forced into using an antiquated and needlessly complicated voting system, open wide to fraud, based on a chain of trust instead of inherently secure procedures.

There are public records, police reports and official complaints of multiple violations of this same weak chain of trust:
• Ballot boxes unescorted;
• Three fire alarms in Dundee – after each one the Yes percentage vote was significantly lower;
• Verbal and video reports of extremely suspicious acts and behaviours.

The UN observers chosen to overview proceedings destroyed the credibility of the result; but hey, they’re Russians, what do they know?

There was not to be a general recount allowed under no circumstances, and lengthy legal procedures were required to obtain a local recount or just to verify a single vote.

The Chief Counting Officer is the city exec of a Scottish city where Labour fiddled their own internal vote to choose a candidate and the Council is under a Tory-Lab coalition against a relative SNP majority.

There were multiple reports of fake ballot papers without a barcode for traceability being given to voters.

Bags of apparently official ballot papers, all with a Yes vote, were found near bins.

Entire reams of unused ballot papers and voting registers were “found” discarded, and the person reporting the find was arrested but then released without charge.

Any attempt to question, during or after the vote, any of these frankly unacceptable and disgusting events were dismissed with derision, if not openly aggressive threats.

All this from the same establishment that:
• is responsible for – and built its wealth from – colonialism, exploitation and slavery;
• invaded an entirely pacific neighbouring island and, after losing the ensuing war, is still overstaying its welcome and has violently suppressed resistance with thugs in Black and Tan shirts;
• perpetrated the scientific, systematic slaughter of native Americans and included aboriginal Australians in the flora and fauna;
• under Churchill’s orders locked up Scottish soldiers in their barracks, brought in over 10’000 English soldiers and deployed tanks in George Square;
• have buried the figures of the real Scottish economy since 1921;
• are still protecting paedophiles and killed Jill Dando;
• have hidden the McCrone report;
• had Willie McRae, Robin Cook, Dr David Kelly, and Jackie Sutton killed;
• are withholding the Chilcot enquiry report;
• have the biggest per capita public debt on the planet;
• are dismantling the English NHS;
• lie in public without fear and smear political opponents for personal and political gain;
• would be broke and famished without Scottish oil, gas, electricity, Whisky and tourism revenues;
• and have been at war with someone somewhere for over 300 years.

These are our strengths (and incidentally also England’s weaknesses, thus what shackles us in the UK):


And we should believe that we voted No? Fuck off, you demented cockwombles. Just fuck off.

Don’t accuse me of being a sore loser, because I am 100% sure Yes won, and I’ve been acting accordingly ever since.

I see sore “winners” instead, all too keen to “move on” like somebody terrified, mortally frightened to be exposed as a fraud and traitor.

Call me a Conspiracy Theorist, I will wear that label with the same pride I still wear my silver Yes badge on my lapel.


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